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fic: Reunion [Percy/Annabeth, PG-13]

Title: Reunion
Author: asuka_roses
Written for: justjess2715Rating:</b> PG-13
Characters/Ships: Percy/Annabeth
Warning/ Spoilers: TLH spoilers. Very slight SoN spoilers.
Notes: I'm sorry if it seems a bit short/rushed. I just had a crazy super busy month and I did my best. Hope you like it!


“It’s nice to see you again, Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth grinned in the direction of said Brain. She looked calm and collected, despite the shrilly voice in her head that got louder and louder as she got closer to him. It was so strange, he wasn’t just a memory she held on to, or a recurring dream that would turn her into an emotional wreck whenever she woke up. Percy was right there in front of her. He hadn’t changed at all; thank the gods, same unkempt black hair, same brilliant green eyes, and the same lips that kissed her countless times over the two months prior to his disappearance. She had a sick feeling in the gut whenever she thought about them, there was always this scary possibility that Percy wouldn’t remember any of it, she was afraid that her boyfriend might never be the same again. She glanced nervously towards Jason, who had been suffering from severe headaches recently as his memory slowly returned to him. Judging from his facial expression, he seemed to be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness to meet all his old friends again, the confused look that usually accompanied him constantly was gone now, as if a set of dark clouds have finally cleared up after consecutive weeks of bad weather. If Jason had gotten his memory back completely, why should she assume that Percy had changed?

In a second these brilliant green eyes were locked on hers and cleared every doubtful thought that crossed her mind and kept her up at night. “Wise Girl.” He grinned back. Her body seemed to relax instantly at the mention of his nickname for her. It was really him. Wearing a toga and standing comfortably beside a couple of strangers, yes, but it was Percy without a doubt. She allowed herself to get closer and wrap her arms around his neck. His hands went automatically went to her waist. “I was worried that you’ve forgotten.” She whispered in spite of herself. Having a best friend to confide in again felt great, Annabeth was tired of keeping her feelings pent up with no one to talk to. “You? Never.” He whispered back. She blushed and laughed silently. It sounded a bit cheesy, especially coming from him. Not to mention that his memory was completely wiped out, of course he didn’t remember her at some point. He pulled back a little to look her at her face. Percy’s eyes were moving very quickly as he looked at her, as if he was devouring every part of her. Annabeth realized that she had been doing the same thing. He raised an eyebrow, apparently not very amused at the fact that she was laughing at him. “What? You don’t believe me? Ask Frank over there –he pointed at an Asian boy who was glancing at her shyly- you’d actually be very surprised to find that—”

A girl’s voice interrupted whatever he was gonna say. “Excuse me, but can you save this lovely reunion for later? We have a few matters to discuss.” Percy’s hands instantly dropped from her waist and she let go as well, they both went red and dropped their gazes to the ground. Behind her, Annabeth heard Leo say, “What did I tell you, McLean? They didn’t start making-out on the spot. Now hand over that gold.” Oh so they were placing bets on this too? She heard a few more whispers from the other campers and realized she wasn’t the only one anticipating her meeting with Percy. She decided to ignore them and look for the source of the voice that stopped her from making Piper the winner of that stupid bet. It was a pretty brunette girl with a sharp features and a very serious expression on her face, she wore a toga that matched Percy’s. Before she could make sense of this, the girl gestured for them to follow her and she felt Percy’s hands reach for hers, so she took them. Annabeth looked up at him and he simply winked at her, his hand was warm and strong, and the familiarity of this gesture made her heart throb excitedly. For the first time in months, she felt safe again.

There are these moments when you’re with someone you love and there a million words trying to escape your mouth but somehow you both stay quiet. Somehow this silence is more satisfying than those million words.

This was what Percy was feeling that night. Holding Annabeth’s hands and listening to the sound of her careful footsteps as they took a late night stroll around Camp Jupiter. He had been lying in bed just 15 minutes ago, replaying the events of the busy day in his head over and over again until an invisible hand grabbed his wrist gently and led him out. Any other guy would have been completely creeped out by invisible creatures dragging them out of bed in the middle of the night, but Percy was used to this already. His girlfriend was a bit reserved and careful in front of others (especially strangers) and wasn’t very fond of public display of affection, she would slip into his cabin about twice a week and ask him to take a walk with her. So these meetings varied from make-out sessions to just long talks about pretty much everything.

The moment they were safely alone, she took off her cap and ran her hand through her hair and released the pin that was holding it in a messy bun. Percy gulped. Annabeth’s blond hair was like a silent code between them. Ponytail: long talks. Wearing it down: make-out session. She noticed the anticipating look in his eyes and laughed. His heart took off; he hadn’t realized how much he missed the sound of her laughter. “You boys are so predictable.” She shook her head and stepped closer to him, then proceeded to plant a kiss on his cheek. The feeling of her soft lips drove him insane and he couldn’t take it anymore. His hands cupped her face and he leaned in for a kiss. She responded immediately and wrapped her arms around his neck while he slipped through her hair. He wanted the time to stop right there and there, but she pulled back after a few minutes to catch her breath and whispered, “a little impatient are we? I just wanted to talk first, totally forgot about the hair thing.” Percy was a little frustrated at this (Hey, it’s been months, he wouldn’t help but feel a little deprived) but didn’t argue at all. Instead, he took her hand and they started to wander off aimlessly.

They walked around silently for a long time, neither of them talking, just taking in each other’s presence. It was almost over-whelming, holding Annabeth’s hands again, getting to kiss her, touch her hair, seeing her smile. He wanted to tell her she was beautiful, that he missed her, and that he liked how soft her hands were. But somehow these words weren’t necessary; it was as if they’ve reached a point where things as simple as eye contact or hand holding were worth a million words.

And despite the dangers that were looming ahead, Percy felt like the luckiest demigod on the planet.
Tags: - fan fiction, pairing: percy/annabeth, rating: pg-13
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