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pjo_xchange's Journal

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Holiday Fic Exchan
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Time to bring some holiday cheer to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom. pjo_xchange is Secret Santa fanworks exchange - fic, art, icons, fanmixes, and fanvids will all be accepted. The rules are simple: you sign up, get an assignment, post, and then get something in return! The fanworks do not have to be holiday themed, but feel free to go that way if you want to! The point is to have fun and share the joy of the holidays.

October 15: Signs-up begin
November 1: Sign-ups end
November 5-6: Assignments handed out
December 20: Assignments due
December 25: Submissions posting begins
January 3: Submissions posting ends

Sign-up here. Comments are screened.

If you have any questions, please contact the mod greenconverses at pjoholiday@gmail.com.

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